Steps of Trademark Registration

Examination and Registration

Before registration, your trademark is examined to check if it is similar to or an imitation of another trademark which has been already registered or filed before the date of submission of the trademark application, and to check if there is any reason for its rejection. After submitting the necessary documents and papers for registration and completing the inspection, the trademark application is submitted through the deposit file and saved on the same date due to its priority.

Proclamation in an official newspaper

If the registration is approved, it is advertised trough two local Arabic newspapers. Those who wish to object the trademark may submit a rejection claim to the ministry within a month of the publication date. The purpose of such a procedure is to protect the trademarks which are already in the market but have not been filed for registration via the competent authority.

Final Registration

This phase is completed if no one files an objection to the trademark registration at the Ministry of Commerce and Manufacturing. A certificate including all the data pertaining to the organization and a picture of the trademark is issued to the trademark’s owner. The owner is granted ten years of protection from the date of submission.
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