About us

About us

Why choose Egymarks for Intellectual Property?

We boast eight years of experience in trademark registration, with a portfolio including some of the most infamous brands. We also excel in the precise examination performed before registration to avoid any possible rejection of the trademark, thus we have become one of the most important consultation and trademark registration offices in Egypt and The Middle East.

Our experience includes all legal consultations to do with trademark issues and disputes, including trademark infringement, as well as lawsuits pertaining to trademark registration and the registration and protection of patents.

Our specialists also deal with appealing the decisions of the government’s entity before the state council, aiming at opening all the legal paths for protecting our clients’ intellectual rights. We are also experienced in the legal aspects and incentives of establishing companies in order to avoid any legal violations.

9 Years of Experience

Steps of Trademark Registration

Examination and Registration
Proclamation in an official
Final Registration
Our goal at Egymarks is to participate in establishing companies and protecting their intellectual property through:
Establishing the best intellectual property systems through close co-operation with the public sector and the preparation of legal studies.
Fruitful co-operation with different entities which share the same interest of protecting clients and the intellectual property of trademark owners.
Helping clients establish their own companies.
Assisting in law suits and judicial disputes pertaining to intellectual property and resolving them.
We always aspire to develop our skills, increase our production, and focus our accumulated experience to offer the best service to our clients through protecting their intellectual property in many ways; including trademark and patent registration and resolving judicial disputes.
Our top mission is serving our clients and enabling them to correctly protect their trademarks through registering them, as well as registering their intellectual property for all their rights in patents and/or industrial designs. We also aim to increase awareness concerning the importance of registering all their intellectual property in order to prevent any attempt to infringe on their properties.


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